i was there, i traveled, but i can't remember when
NortherSouth Music
April 2008
Chaos Theory, Fuzzy Logic and The Black Swan jam to the The Impact of the Highly Improbable.

I've been working on this project for over a year or so and the other
day I said, "Kids, time to leave the nest, now go out into the big
world and don't forget to write!" ;-)
Truth be told, every song has a personal meaning to me. The listener
may not understand this musical journey at first but it should start
to become clear upon a few explorations.

i was there


 The Little Woodland            Robots

 Cue the Sun

 March Of The Doves

 Anagram Cereal

Air Raider Interlude

 'i was there, i traveled, but         i can't remember when'

 We Can Resonate


 Going Home

 Katherine the Great

 Imaginary Carousels

 Doppler Shift

ding Motet Terra

ding Tethering Of The Heart

ding When You Dream

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